KMI - Mute sound more professional

    Comprehensive noise and vibration control engineering service provider

    Focus on noise control for 23 years


    KMI - Strong-scale production strength

    Imported high precision CNC automatic painting line center

    Self built modern production base 40000m2


    KMI - Innovative R&D and strong technology

    Professional Acoustics Laboratory design team of 30 people

    Department of acoustics, Tsinghua University


    KMI Product

    Sound-proof Room Series

    Combining modern manufacturing industry, construction engineering, acoustic technology, and aesthetics...


    Mute Room Series

    Isolate a quiet room in a noisy environment, which is often used for product testing and special occasions...


    Anechoic Chamber

    A free sound field is established in a closed space. In this space, the medium that propagates sound waves...


    About KMI

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    KMI acoustics (Singco sound-proof ) founded in 2004. We are professional noise control and acoustic absorption solution supplier of terminal. At present we have 160 employees, registered capital: 50 million, plant area: 40000 square meters, the r&d center of 3600 square meters. Thousands of independent research and development design products. Operates in 36 countries and regions, in the service of 2000 factories.


    • 23years

      Noise control industry experience
    • 36countries

      Business in 36 countries
    • 2000factories

      Serving more than 2000 factories
    • 10年有經驗
    • China State Construction Group Co., Ltd.
    • China Railway Construction Group Co., Ltd.
    • China Communications Construction Group Co., Ltd.
    • China Guodian Corporation
    • China Huaneng Group Corporation
    • China Datang Corporation
    • China Huadian Corporation
    • China Power Investment Corporation
    • SDIC Power Holdings Co., Ltd.
    • National Energy Investment Group Co., Ltd.
    • China General Nuclear Power Group Co., Ltd.
    • Institute of Acoustics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
    • China Dongfang Electric Group Co., Ltd.
    • Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd.
    • Jinan Second Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd.
    • China Yangtze Power Group Co., Ltd.
    • Hangzhou Steam Turbine Co., Ltd.
    • Nanjing Steam Turbine (Group) Company
    • Xi'an Shaangu Power Co., Ltd.
    • Chongqing General Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.
    • Guangzhou Guangzhong Enterprise Group Co., Ltd.

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    The company will further utilize its own technical advantages, rich engineering experience, high-quality after-sales service and good reputation, and continue to carry out green and environmental protection projects focusing on noise control for new and old customers.

    KMI intelligent

    In more than 23 years of hard work, the company has continuously introduced advanced foreign equipment and technology, and has continuously strengthened product technology, tooling, design and manufacturing. It can provide self-evaluation analysis, engineering design, product production, installation and construction, after-sales service and many other links. One-stop turnkey general contracting service.

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